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Tonight we talk to Ed Wilson, the Scripting Guy
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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast we talk to Josh Jones from the CS Techcast
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Tonight we talk to Carter Shanklin with VMware about his new product release
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Tonight we talk to Jeff Atwood about technical communities, ServerFault, and StackOverflow.

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Tonight we talk to Brandon Shell about virtualization, VDI, and his new BSonPoshPowerShell module. Full show notes at PowerScripting.net
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Tonight we talk to Oisin Grehan about Pmodem and PowerShell
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Tonight we talk to MVP Jeremy Pavleck and Scott Moss about System Center Operations Manager with guest host Jonathan Medd.
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Tonight we talk to Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Jeffrey Snover about V2 release!

A Very Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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James Brundge from the PowerShell test team talking about the Windows 7 Resource Kit PowerPack
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We talk to developer Sergei Antonov from the IIS team.
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Tonight we talk to developer Jason Shirk from the PowerShell team.
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Author and developer Lee Holmes from the PowerShell team.
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Tonight Hal and Jon talk about...PowerShell?
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Quamrul Mina and David Kulwin from Pragma Systems
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Microsoft Cluster MVP Russ Kaufmann
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David Warburton, author of AutoPowerShell
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Klaus Graefensteiner
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We have our first round of listener interviews featuring Rob Dowell, Staci Rottenberg, and Andrew Tearle
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PowerShell MVP and software developer Kirk Munro from Quest Software
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VMware vExpert, consultant and author Edward Haletky about his experiences with PowerShell and securing your virtual infrastructure
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PowerShell MVP Don Jones on security
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PowerShell MVPs Joel Bennett and Oisin Grehan
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Devfarm Software on their PowerWF workflow product
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Exchange MVP Michael Smith on Exchange 2010
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Alex Riedel from SAPIEN Technologies about their new PrimalForms product
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Doug Hazelman from Veeam
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This show features the Birds of a Feather session "Practical PowerShell: Best Practices from the Field" including discussion about: Function naming, PowerShell profiles, Execution policies and security, Remoting, Best practices and more!
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Jason Gallaugher from Rove
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James Brundage from Microsoft
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Bob Bobel on Quest's Active Directory cmdlets
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Scott Herold on Vizioncore and VESI. We're also joined in studio by Scott Moss, VP of the Southeast Management User Group, a local friend, and fan of the show.
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Lance Robinson from /n Software
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Fred Baptiste, author of PolyMon and PolyMonRT
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Brandon Shell on Active Directory support in PowerShell V2
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Today we have a special bonus podcast for you. We have three interviews for you.

-Justin Braun from Compellent

-PowerShell MVP Max Trinidad (from the MVP Summit)

-PowerShell team member James Brundage with a demo of WPK (from the MVP Summit)

Here's some additional information from Justin's interview

  • Worked as a TAM for Microsoft for a couple of years
  • Compellent just went public last year
  • SAN device with some unique maangement tools and features
  • Snapin connects via IP to SAN hardware, no middleware required
  • Snapin also connects to VDS service on remote SAN clients (windows servers)
  • rfoust : ## do you have management packs for OpsMgr?
  • glnsize : ## how hard was it sell your team on powershell?
  • rfoust : ## are you actively testing on ctp3?
  • glnsize : ## are you handling the partition offset... when your formatting the drive?
  • rfoust : ## did you say if you have a gui built on the cmdlets? or is your gui separated?
  • glnsize : ## what can't you do with your cmdlets... what % coverage do you have with your cmdlets
  • rfoust : ## how many cmdlets are in the snapin?
  • glnsize : ## any providers to browes the san 
  • rfoust : ## will the snapin work with any other vendors hardware, or is it proprietary?

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Ferdinand Rios and Jeffery Hicks from SAPIEN Technologies
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Joe Pruitt, developer and blogger from F5 Networks
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Joel Bennett and James Brundage on scriptable user interfaces
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PowerShell MVP Oisin Grehan to talk about managing SharePoint with PowerShell
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Tonight we have a panel discussion to discuss the PowerShell Integrated Script Editor
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Carter Shanklin joins us to talk about the new VI PowerShell toolkit version 1.5
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James Kovacs on his PowerShell build tool, psake
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PowerShell MVP, author, and scripting guru Jeff Hicks as a guest co-host and an excellent, information pack interview with PowerShell Quality Expert James Brundage.
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We've got a ton of news and resources for you as well as a new tip.
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