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Chris Ashley and Dmitry Petrashev from Dell Software

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Josh Swenson on using PowerShell in the real world

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Julian Dunn on configuration management and Chef


Guests - Julian Dunn


Chatroom Buzz-

<13Stuwee> ## If DSC and Chef are simular and I haven't used either, why would I learn Chef over DSC at this point?

<0halr9000> ## tell us more about configuration management of some "non-traditional" nodes like the network and storage hardware that you mentioned earlier

<13Stuwee> ## Do you use PSH within Chef?

<13Stuwee> ## please igonre if already asked.  Does it work with clients or just servers. Does it have a client install piece?

<13Stuwee> ## what about "what clients are supported", XP, Win7 Server 2003 etc...

<0organicit> ##As an enterprise why should I consider Chef over Puppet.  Sorry if this has been addressed

<13Stuwee> ## what about cost?

<13Stuwee> ## if you have a run list and one thing fails, how is the admin notified that it failed, how easy is it to recover?

<13Stuwee> ## how many cookbooks exist today and how ofter do new ones get added/updated?

<13Stuwee> ## if the cookbooks are community created/driven, how is the quality of the cookbook verified?  Does anyone validate the cookbook?

<13Stuwee> ## how long has Chef been "in the business".  In other words can I trust it to be around for the long term in light of DSC?

<13Stuwee> ## does it maintain a "state" or is it primarly used for installation of software?

<13Stuwee> ## wait wait.... just kidding

The Question - Hero/Power

  • Superman

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Jeffrey Snover on PowerShell Version 4

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Tommy Patterson on PowerShell and Azure

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MVP Joel Bennett on a PowerShell package manager

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Gary Siepser & Ian Philpot on scripting the Kinect

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Dan Cunningham on the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit

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Ned Pyle on DFRS and SMB 3.0

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Rob Reynolds on Chocolatey and Puppet

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Steven Murawski and Geoff Dalgas on PowerShell DSC and Stack Overflow

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Matthew Reynolds on the Windows Performance Toolkit

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Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Jeff Wouters about becoming an MVP

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Rob Willis from Microsoft on the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

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Glenn Block & Jim Christopher about scriptcs

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Shannon Bray on SharePoint Architecture

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Don Jones on PowerShell Desired State Configuration

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Daniel St. Jean from MVP Systems on JAMS

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Rob Campbell, Mike Robbins, Ed Wilson!

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Tom Kisner on Lync

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Recorded live at Atlanta TechStravaganza 2013

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Hal's BOF session from TechEd

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Kevin Hill from NetApp!

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MVP Jeff Hicks!



Guests - Jeff Hicks


Chatroom Buzz

The Question -

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Recorded live at: http://sqlsaturday.com/220/

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Darren Mar-Elia on Group Policy!

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PowerShell MVP Joel Bennett on Splunk!

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Ben Armstrong, the Virtual PC Guy!

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Mark Russinovich on Sysinternals, Infosec, and the Cloud!



Guests - Mark Russinovich


Chatroom Buzz

[21:34:06] <mwjcomputing> ## Can you have Jeff use PowerShell in your next novel?

[21:35:50] <mwjcomputing> ## Have you seen what Adam Driscoll is doing with PowerShell to do the SysInternals Tools?

[21:42:21] <BartekB> ## When can we expect or cli utilitiles from sysinternals to support csv output - perfect for ConvertFrom-Csv in PowerShell to consume and object-izing?

[21:35:42] <Vern_Anderson> ## When can we get a BGInfo that recognizes Windows 2012?

[21:40:37] <Start-Automating> ## Have you learned more about Windows before or after joining Microsoft?

## Will Azure be upgraded to server 2012 at some stage? (not sure if this was dicussed already I had a bad connection here)

[22:02:25] <FreeTheNode> ## how have you seen the development of state sponsored hacking, from israel/usa (stuxnet, duqu, etc) to china and apt1?

[22:03:56] <alexandair> ## has someone contacted you for a movie deal? :)

[22:07:46] <JimBirley> ## Does Mark ever see a future version of Windows server with no GUI option at all making Powershell essential?

[22:17:20] <FreeTheNode> ## do you feel that computing in the cloud will lean more towards the security and encryption of data, perhaps even to the point where it will become encrypted or invisible to the provider, both at rest, and perhaps even for hot data such as the work Microsoft Research is doing via CryptDB?

The Question -

  • Superhero: Time travel
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Boe Prox on Windows Software Update Services and PowerShell

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Ashley McGlone on Active Directory and Premier Field Engineering!

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Don Jones on the PowerShell Scripting Games

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Jeremy Moskowitz on Group Policy!

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Mark Minasi

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Alan Renouf on PowerCLI



Guests - Alan Renouf


The Question -

  • Mars mission - bring nothing, enjoy Parkour in zero gravity
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Sean and Jen McCown, the MidnightDBA duo!

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Ed Wilson (The Scripting Guy)on his new PowerShell books

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Jake Robinson and Damian Karlson on PowerCLI

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Lee Holmes from Microsoft on his new book!

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David Davis from TrainSignal on technical training and certifications!

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Glenn Sizemore from NetApp on Enterprise storage

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Glenn Block from Microsoft on managing Azure from PowerShell

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Osama Sajid from Microsoft on CIM and WMI!

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Eli White makes Mayhem!

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Todd Klindt on SharePoint 2013!

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