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Brian Ehlert from Citrix on DSC and XenDesktop




Chatroom Highlights

<JasonMilczek> ##Do you know if Azure Pack is going to be able to provision in Microsoft Azure any time soon?

<Lars_Rasmussen> ### SNover said that even EXEs could be traced

<halr9000> http://itproctology.blogspot.com/

<halr9000> https://www.google.com/maps/place/2115+Jep+Wheeler+Rd,+Woodstock,+GA+30188/@34.1491471,-84.416224,617m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x88f571b78f6681b5:0xbd70324994bd2272

<halr9000> http://binged.it/1ANUsvp

<halr9000> http://blogs.citrix.com/author/brianeh/

<BrianEh> http://ITProctology.blogspot.com (the MVP blog)

<halr9000> http://www.thecloudcast.net/

<BrianEh> http://www.citrix.com/go/xendesktop-for-the-private-cloud.html

<halr9000> here they are: http://mvp.microsoft.com/en-us/search-mvp.aspx?ex=Remote+Desktop+Services

<halr9000> https://github.com/PowerShellOrg/cHyper-V

<halr9000> http://powershell.org/wp/2014/02/12/episode-258-powerscripting-podcast-jim-britt-from-microsoft-on-service-management-automation/

<halr9000> http://itproctology.blogspot.com/

<halr9000> http://blogs.citrix.com/author/brianeh/

<halr9000> https://chocolatey.org/packages?q=reaper



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Garrett Serack from Microsoft abount OneGet

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Mike Hendrickson and Jason Walker from Microsoft

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Hal and Jon talk about Splunk and troubleshooting DSC

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MVP Kirk Munro talks about PowerShellGet

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Alan Renouf from VMware on PowerCLI

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Simon May from Microsoft

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Jason Helmick interviews Jon and Hal.

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